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Optional Benefits

Douglas County offers additional benefits to eligible employees.

Deferred Compensation

The County offers a 457 supplemental retirement savings plan through several vendors. Various plans are available for pre or post tax deductions to help you plan for retirement.

Employees can choose plans from Edward Jones, Voya, or Nationwide. For more information contact the vendors below.

Voya - Mike Cain 402-445-2046 or Marshall Egermier 402-445-2121

Edward Jones - Brian Williams 402-496-3393

Nationwide - Matt Ring 515-218-0303



Interested in learning more about Aflac's products? Apply online with this link.   

Mass Mutual Whole Life Insurance Policy

The County provides benefits-eligible employees with $15,000 term insurance. Group optional term insurance can be purchased. However, the premiums on this policy increase as you grow older.

Whole Life policies protect over an employee's entire lifetime and premiums are fixed an cannot increase due to age or change in health condition as long as you pay your premiums. Whole life policies may also pay dividends that can be used to purchase additional coverage and help build cash value. It is portable, so you can take it with you even if you leave the County. You can also access any available cash value for any reasons. The death benefit is generally tax-free and the cash values that build are tax deferred. If you add additional amounts of life insurance, the premium for that portion of the additional amount may increase at the time. The Mass Mutual policy also contains a Terminal Illness provision which allows advances or acceleration of a portion of the death benefit if diagnosed with a terminal illness expected to result in death within 12 months. This can assist with end of life medical expenses which may not be covered by health insurance.

If interested in learning more about Mass Mutual Whole Life, you can contact Dave Beck at 402-934-3590.


For more information about the LegalShield product, which includes identity theft, legal services, please contact Dave Beck at 402-934-3590.

101 Reasons To Use LegalShield


YMCA Membership

Employees may elect to have YMCA membership fees deducted through payroll deductions on the second check of each month. For more information or to enroll, contact Jan Johnson at 402-444-6391

YMCA Enrollment Form 2018-19


YMCA Payroll Authorization Form 2018-19


The provisions of this information are not intended and do not create an express or implied contract of employment or an offer of employment between the County and its employees nor any guarantee or promise that benefits referenced here are permanent or cannot be changed. While retirees and current employees are offered the opportunity to participate in a subsidized medical insurance program until age 65, the ability to participate as well as the premiums are not guaranteed in the future and are subject, at any time, to change by the County Board of Commissioners. If there is any conflict in the information stated or otherwise communicated, the plan provisions prevail. Please contact Human Resources with any questions.


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