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ASI/TRICARE (Military) Supplement Program Eligible Employees

The County offers all TRICARE/CHAMPUS eligible employees and their dependents a comprehensive TRICARE supplement plan. Benefit eligible employees who are under 65 will be able to enroll themselves and eligible dependents in the TRICARE supplement Program.

The TRICARE Supplement Program is underwritten by Hartford Life Insurance Company and administered by Association & Society Insurance Corporation (ASI). TRICARE is the Department of Defense’s health insurance program for the military community. For those of you who are eligible for TRICARE, this supplement plan is designed to coordinate with TRICARE. Eligible spouse and dependents of CHAMPVA members are also eligible to participate.

Similar to a Medicare supplement, the TRICARE Supplement will cover most expenses to provide 100% reimbursement in most cases. Those who select the supplement will have their claims filed with TRICARE, first. Once TRICARE has completed processing of a claim the TRICARE Explanation of Benefits (EOB) should be sent to ASI for secondary consideration.

Please contact a member of the Benefits Team for more information.

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